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While cycling the C&O/GAP from Washington DC to Pittsburgh we paid attention to the various creatures we encountered along the way. The most prevalent were deer, who often appeared along the trail and ran away as we got closer.

Other than one very late afternoon, when a rider was concerned that an object running toward us was a bear, we were safe during all encounters. The “bear” ended up being a female jogger wearing dark clothing and sunglasses.

Besides deer, there were a few rats running around the path near the hotel in Washington DC; fish somehow living in the canal; beaver swimming in the canal; a wood chuck; ground hogs once we approached the area near Puxatawney PA, assorted spiders; birds; and wasps building a rather substantial nest. And yes there was a dog or wolf howling at the full moon the night we stayed in lockhouse 49.

The “creature” in the first 3 photos was near Great Falls, MD. I suppose it is some sort of unidentified slug. If you know what it is, please let me know.

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